What Is Service Learning?

Community Connections

Volunteerism and concern for the community have always been strong foundations of a 91 education.

Our service learning program allows you to connect your coursework with your interests in community service and growth as a responsible citizen.

Through service learning, you will enhance your academic work and learn more about yourself and your role in the community. 

Everyone Benefits

Service learning positively affects so many people:

  • Community organizations gain volunteers.
  • Faculty members can discuss students’ real-life experiences in class.
  • Student participants will see the world in a whole new way.

An Example of Service Learning

A student in an management course and a student in a social justice course might both opt to tutor kids at the same boys and girls club. The management student can discuss the efficiency of the boys and girls program in class, while the social justice student can reflect on public policy issues. In every case, our faculty help guide you as you integrate your experience with the curriculum.